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About Connect Aruba

www.ConnectAruba.com is in it's starting phase. (2009)

The goal of this website is to help people in Aruba who has a need for a website posting but doesn't wan't a whole website concept.
You can request a simple webpage, as soon as the request has been processed you will be granted access to a webpage where you can edit/modify upload images so that other people can view your content.
This is the principal concept of this webiste

SMS to Aruba (Work in progress!)

Send and receive sms to aruba !

Interested in sms service in aruba?
You are now able to send message to all phones in Aruba!!
Please notice that the message could be delivered in a delayed manor. The messages are send to the corresponding phone company service provider and they will process the queque list. Whenever possible!

Please do NOT abuse this service or make use of explicid language in your messages or you will be banned from this service!